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Merriam-Webster unabridged Words at Play The Good, The Bad, & The Semantically Imprecise - 6/8 Words that defined the week of 6/8/2018 Laying Down the Law on 'Martial' and 'Marshal' Not to mention 'marshall' 'Restive': A Word That Won't Sit Still From "stubborn" to "fidgety" How to 'Level Up' Movin' On Up in the Game of Life Ask the Editors Ghost Word The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. schedule in future7-Mar-2013 Paraguay’s Daylight Saving Moved to March 24, 20136-Mar-2013 Sunday, April 7, 2013: Australia and New Zealand end DST4-Mar-2013 March 31, 2013: Europe Starts Daylight Saving Time4-Mar-2013 Cuba switches to DST on March 10, 201315-Feb-2013 Chile Extends DST to April 27, 201312-Feb-2013 Sunday, March 10: Daylight Saving Time Begins in USA & Canada8-Feb-2013 8-Feb-2013 Russia likely to abolish DST8-Feb-2013 6-Feb-2013 Sunday, February 17, 2013: Brazil ends Daylight Saving Time7-Feb-2013 5-Feb-2013 Colorado and Utah Stop Bills to Abolish DST21-Jan-2013 Ukraine May Abolish Daylight Saving Time (DST)Updates in 201210-Nov-2012 Libya Changes Time Zone26-Oct-2012 Russia remains on DST5-Nov-2012 25-Oct-2012 DST in Israel to be extended in 201325-Oct-2012 Jordan remains on Summer Time 18-Oct-2012 Sunday, October 21, 2012: Brazilians start Daylight Saving Time 4-Oct-2012 Sunday, Nov 4, 2012: DST ends in USA and Canada4-Oct-2012 Sunday, Oct 28, 2012: Most Europeans turn clocks back as DST ends 25-Sep-2012 DST ended in West Bank and Gaza25-Oct-2012 24-Sep-2012 Russia moves to Standard Time19-Sep-2012 Indonesia: Single time zone delayed17-Sep-2012 Australia and New Zealand Daylight Saving Time 201227-Aug-2012 Fiji Daylight Saving 20127-Aug-2012 Tokelau: Wrong local time for over 100 years29-May-2012 Indonesia: Calls to create single time zone3-May-2012 26-Apr-2012 New Time Zone in Mexico?26-Mar-2012 Gaza and West Bank start DST on March 30, 201226-Mar-2012 Syria starts DST on March 30, 201226-Mar-2012 Nagorno-Karabakh Rejects Daylight Saving Time1-Mar-2012 Europe Starts Daylight Saving on March 25, 201221-Mar-2012 Idaho may abolish daylight saving time16-Mar-2012 10-Mar-2012 Morocco Daylight Saving Time in 201214-Mar-2012 Turkey May Use DST All Year11-Mar-2012 Haiti Daylight Saving Time in 20126-Mar-2012 Sunday, March 11: DST starts in US & Canada1-Mar-2012 Australia and NZ's daylight saving ends April 11-Mar-2012 Cuba switches to summer time Sunday April 1, 201227-Feb-2012 Chile's daylight saving time extended to April 28 21-Feb-2012 Time Zone change in Davis and Casey (Antarctica)8-Feb-2012 Russian prime minister promises daylight saving7-Feb-2012 Utah's anti-daylight saving bill is killed3-Feb-2012 Ukraine ministers propose permanent time change in 20132-Feb-2012 Brazilian president stops time change in Acre31-Jan-2012 Armenia scraps daylight saving time for good25-Jan-2012 UK time bill out of time20-Jan-2012 Redefinition of time delayed5-Jan-2012 Scientists call to redefine time3-Jan-2012 Utah lawmaker suggests dropping daylight saving timeUpdates in 20114-Nov-2011 Tokelau to jump dateline with Samoa8-Nov-2011 31-Oct-2011 UK one step closer to abandoning GMT31-Oct-2011 28-Oct-2011 Cuba DST ends November 13, 201127-Oct-2011 Transnistria's clocks move back October 30, 201119-Oct-2011 Clocks in Ukraine move back October 30, 201113-Oct-2011 Transnistria stays on Daylight Saving Time25-Oct-2011 13-Oct-2011 No clock change for parts of Mato Grosso, Brazil12-Oct-2011 Bolivians delay Daylight Saving Time5-Oct-2011 Bahia Reintroduces Daylight Saving Time (DST)4-Oct-2011 Daylight Saving ends in USA and Canada Nov 64-Oct-2011 Daylight Saving Time ends in most of Mexico24-Oct-2011 4-Oct-2011 Fiji’s clocks go forward October 23, 201124-Oct-2011 30-Sep-2011 Most Europeans turn clocks back October 30, 201130-Sep-2011 West Bank Clocks Turned Back September 3027-Sep-2011 Australians turn clocks forward Sunday, October 220-Sep-2011 Ukraine eliminates Daylight Saving Time (DST)19-Sep-2011 Eternal Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Belarus29-Aug-2011 Palestinians to Observe Two Different Local Times26-Aug-2011 DST for Gaza and The West Bank23-Aug-2011 Bolivia Introduces Daylight Saving Time (DST)22-Aug-2011 Chile continues to alter DST schedule17-Aug-2011 Newfoundland and Labrador amends DST legislation4-Jul-2011 7-Jun-2011 Israel to extend daylight saving time6-Jun-2011 “Daylight saving time” for some in Japan 1-Sep-2011 9-May-2011 Samoa jumps forward in time20-Apr-2011 Egypt Abolishes Daylight Saving Time 20-Apr-2011 Russia Time Change Finalized18-Apr-2011 Colorado keeps switching13-Apr-2011 17-Mar-2011 Irkutsk Region Switches Time Zones in Russia - Update7-Apr-2011 Ukraine to Vote on Daylight Saving16-Jul-2012 4-Apr-2011 Falkland Islands Trial All Year DST in 201130-Mar-2011 Daylight Saving Starts in Morocco on April 3, 201128-Mar-2011 3-Mar-2011 Chile Extends DST Again Due to Energy Crisis3-Apr-2013 25-Mar-2011 West Bank and Gaza Begin Daylight Saving on April 1, 201111-Mar-2011 Turkey Starts DST One Day Later Due to Exam10-Mar-2011 26-Jul-2010 Samoa Starts Daylight Saving on September 2610-Mar-2011 DST Ends in Australia and NZ on April 3, 201110-Mar-2011 Daylight Saving Starts in Mexico on April 3, 20118-Mar-2011 Daylight Saving Starts in Cuba on March 20, 201111-Mar-2011 18-Feb-2011 Europe Starts Daylight Saving on March 27, 201118-Feb-2011 USA and Canada Start DST on March 13, 2011 14-Feb-2011 Proposed DST Bill Gets Delayed in Israel11-Feb-2011 10-Dec-2010 Lawmakers Propose Opposite DST Bills in Colorado10-Feb-2011 Countries Consider Canceling Daylight Saving8-Feb-2011 Russia Abolishes Winter Time26-Jan-2011 Russian Party Plans to Eliminate Daylight Saving 12-Jan-2011 Special Committee to Examine DST in IsraelUpdates in 201013-Dec-2010 Thousands Protest Time Zone Changes in Russia6-Dec-2010 Daylight Saving Bill Gets Initial Vote in UK2-Nov-2010 Time Zone Change is Possible in Acre, Brazil26-Oct-2010 Fiji Begins Daylight Saving Time Period 20-Oct-2010 Russia Proposes International System of Time Zones5-Oct-2010 USA and Canada End DST on November 7, 20105-Oct-2010 Mexico Ends DST on Sunday, October 31, 20105-Oct-2010 Daylight Saving Ends in Europe on October 31, 201023-Sep-2010 17-Jun-2010 UK Parliament Revisits Single Double Summer Time21-Sep-2010 Australia Starts Daylight Saving on October 3, 201016-Sep-2010 Brazil Starts Daylight Saving on October 17, 20106-Sep-2010 3-Sep-2010 Petition Pushes to Extend DST in Israel 1-Sep-2010 Indiana Hopes to Move to Central Time Zone11-Aug-2010 West Bank and Gaza End DST as Ramadan Begins30-Jul-2010 21-Jul-2010 Egyptians To Change Clocks Four Times This Year30-Jul-2010 Morocco’s DST Schedule Ends Before Ramadan1-Jul-2010 25-Aug-2009 Residents Reject Time Zone Change in North Dakota9-Jun-2010 7-Jun-2010 Government Says No Daylight Saving in Queensland 4-Jun-2010 21-May-2010 Queenslanders Speak Out on Daylight Saving Time4-May-2010 23-Mar-2010 Russia Reduces Number of Time Zones22-Apr-2010 23-Jan-2009 Alaska Bill To End Daylight Saving Time Defeated22-Apr-2010 New Time Zone for Mexico’s Bahía de Banderas21-Apr-2010 Daylight Saving Time Returns to Egypt in 201014-Apr-2010 All-Year Daylight Saving Proposed for Louisiana13-Apr-2010 Morocco Starts Daylight Saving Time May 2, 20109-Apr-2010 San Luis Province Keeps Daylight Saving26-Mar-2010 26-Mar-2010 No Daylight Saving in Pakistan in 201025-Mar-2010 24-Mar-2010 Gaza and West Bank Start DST on Different Dates25-Mar-2010 24-Mar-2010 No Daylight Saving Time in Bangladesh in 201024-Mar-2010 19-Feb-2010 Europe Starts Daylight Saving Time March 28, 201010-Mar-2010 5-Mar-2010 Chile Extends Daylight Saving Due to Earthquake10-Mar-2010 2-Mar-2010 Australia and NZ End Daylight Saving April 4, 201010-Mar-2010 Time Zone Changes in Antarctica in 20109-Mar-2010 11-Dec-2009 Northern Mexican Border's New Daylight Saving Plan9-Mar-2010 2-Mar-2010 Mexico One Hour Ahead on Easter, April 4, 20105-Mar-2010 15-Feb-2010 Most of North America Springs Forward March 14, 20103-Mar-2010 Fiji’s Daylight Saving Ends Early in 201018-Feb-2010 Paraguay’s Daylight Saving Moves to April 11, 201010-Feb-2010 4-Feb-2010 Russia May Quit Daylight Saving Time5-Feb-2010 4-Feb-2010 Paraguay May Extend Daylight Saving TimeUpdates in 200930-Dec-2009 Time Zone Change is Possible in Venezuela28-Dec-2009 25-Sep-2009 Bangladesh's Daylight Saving Time Ends December 3116-Dec-2009 No Daylight Saving for South Korea in 201014-Dec-2009 13-Nov-2009 Plan Announced to Reduce Russia’s Time Zones24-Nov-2009 Guatemala Considers Daylight Saving Revival10-Nov-2009 Fiji Reignites Daylight Saving Time on November 293-Nov-2009 Time Zone Changes in Antarctica28-Oct-2009 19-Oct-2009 Clocks Fall Back in USA and Canada on November 123-Oct-2009 Ireland Considers Central European Time22-Oct-2009 New Daylight Saving Proposals for Germany and UK19-Oct-2009 15-Oct-2009 Mexico's Clocks Turn Back on October 25, 200917-Oct-2009 7-Oct-2009 Argentina Says No To Daylight Saving Time16-Oct-2009 Talks of Time Change in Nepal16-Oct-2009 10-Aug-2009 Samoa's Daylight Saving Starts in September 201015-Oct-2009 14-Oct-2009 Europe’s Daylight Saving Ends on October 25, 200914-Oct-2009 New Time Zone for Kemerovo in Russia8-Oct-2009 Japan May Follow South Korea’s DST Plans29-Sep-2009 Australia’s Daylight Saving Starts on October 4, 200929-Sep-2009 17-Sep-2009 Pakistan ends DST on November 1, 200922-Sep-2009 New Zealand’s Daylight Saving Starts September 27, 20092-Sep-2009 31-Aug-2009 2009 DST End Date for West Bank and Gaza Strip13-Aug-2009 Morocco to End DST Before Ramadan11-Aug-2009 Egypt’s 2009 DST Schedule Ends Before Ramadan29-Jul-2009 South Korea Moves Ahead with Daylight Saving Plan21-Jul-2009 19-Jun-2009 Brazil Considers Having Only One Time Zone16-Jul-2009 26-Mar-2009 Pakistan starts Daylight Saving Time April 15, 200918-Jun-2009 Bolivia Plans to Move Time Zone One Hour Back16-Jun-2009 7-Apr-2009 Bangladesh Starts Daylight Saving Time on June 19, 20095-Jun-2009 Mauritius Will Not Repeat Daylight Saving Time17-May-2009 16-May-2009 Western Australia says No to DST28-Apr-2009 South Australia Extends Daylight Saving Time23-Apr-2009 Egypt Starts DST at Midnight Between April 23–24, 200914-Apr-2009 22-Jan-2009 Montana Will Not Scrap Daylight Saving Time7-Apr-2009 Mixed Reactions on Daylight Saving Time in Mexico26-Mar-2009 5-Mar-2009 Europe Starts Daylight Saving Time on March 29, 200919-Mar-2009 Syria’s Daylight Saving Starts on March 27, 200917-Mar-2009 Morocco’s Daylight Saving Time Starts June 1, 200916-Mar-2009 Tunisia Abandons Daylight Saving Time in 200913-Mar-2009 Argentina’s San Luis Province Has New Time Zone10-Mar-2009 Australia Ends Daylight Saving Time in March/April 200910-Mar-2009 New Zealand Ends Daylight Saving Time on April 5, 20095-Mar-2009 Cuba Starts Daylight Saving Between March 7–8, 20095-Mar-2009 18-Feb-2009 Mexico Starts Daylight Saving Time on April 5, 200918-Feb-2009 USA/Canada Start Daylight Saving Time on March 8, 200917-Feb-2009 6-Feb-2009 South Korea Considers Daylight Saving Time Again6-Feb-2009 8-Sep-2008 Argentina Confirms Latest Daylight Saving Schedule28-Jan-2009 24-Sep-2008 Western Australians To Vote On Daylight SavingUpdates in 200815-Dec-2008 Australia’s Newest Daylight Saving Party Emerges28-Nov-2008 Samoa Starts Daylight Saving Time in 200914-Nov-2008 Argentina's San Luis Province Plans Different Time Zone10-Nov-2008 29-Feb-2008 US Gets Ready for Daylight Saving Switch on March 910-Nov-2008 10-Nov-2008 Report Reveals Daylight Saving “Saves” Energy21-Oct-2008 Mexico Ends Daylight Saving Earlier Than USA21-Oct-2008 USA and Canada End 2008 Daylight Saving Time15-Oct-2008 Europe’s 2008 Daylight Saving Schedule Ends15-Oct-2008 Jersey Rejects Central European Time7-Oct-2008 26-Mar-2008 Syria Observes Daylight Saving Time 20087-Oct-2008 Syria’s Daylight Saving End Date Confirmed2-Oct-2008 2-Sep-2008 South Australia Extends Daylight Saving in 2008–2009 1-Oct-2008 29-Aug-2008 Middle East’s Mixed Daylight Saving Times in 200826-Sep-2008 Daylight Saving Time Extended for New Zealanders24-Sep-2008 29-Aug-2008 Brazil Confirms Daylight Saving From 2008 Onwards24-Sep-2008 Time Zone Issues May Affect Indiana Election3-Sep-2008 Thousands in Japan Adopt “Daylight Saving” Plan29-Aug-2008 Pakistan Extends Daylight Saving Hours in 200827-Aug-2008 22-May-2008 Morocco revives daylight saving schedule in 200827-Aug-2008 Morocco’s Daylight Saving Ends Earlier than Expected27-Aug-2008 15-May-2008 Pakistan turns to daylight saving to address power crisis18-Aug-2008 Russia One Step Closer to Ending Daylight Saving14-Aug-2008 Egypt Ends Daylight Saving Before Ramadan14-Aug-2008 26-Mar-2008 Turkey Considers Daylight Saving All Year Round10-Jul-2008 25-Jun-2008 Mauritius turns the clock forward in October 200824-Jun-2008 Brazil Abolishes Its Fourth Time Zone in 200830-May-2008 South Africa Discards Daylight Saving Idea29-Mar-2008 27-Mar-2008 Europe Embarks on Daylight Saving Schedule 200828-Mar-2008 Confusion over Daylight Saving Time in Australia and New Zealand27-Mar-2008 France and Spain kicks into “Double Summer Time”27-Mar-2008 UK Debates to Extend Daylight Saving for Entire Year13-Mar-2008 12-Mar-2008 Cuba starts Daylight Saving Time on March 16, 200812-Mar-2008 4-Mar-2008 Guatemala Cancels Daylight Saving for Safety Fear11-Mar-2008 South Africa Talks of Time Zone Split10-Mar-2008 Easter Island Extends Daylight Saving Time10-Mar-2008 Iraq Dumps Daylight Saving Time in 20085-Mar-2008 Canada Follows US Daylight Saving Time4-Mar-2008 Mexico Sticks With Same Daylight Saving Schedule3-Mar-2008 Indiana Unites for Daylight Saving Time29-Feb-2008 Argentina: San Luis move out of Daylight Saving Time12-Feb-2008 Chile: Energy Crisis and Drought Extends Daylight Saving TimeUpdates in 200727-Dec-2007 21-Dec-2007 Argentina Starts Daylight Saving Time on December 30, 200729-Nov-2007 20-Sep-2007 Venezuela: Clocks to be set back 30 minutes on December 9, 200720-Sep-2007 20-Sep-2007 Brazil: Daylight Saving Time dates for 2007–2008 announced1-Mar-2007 1-Mar-2007 United States and Canada: Daylight Saving Time Extended Starting 2007Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)07:31 :19 Monday, 11 June 2018UTC is the common time standard across the worldMore about UTCAdvertising Time Zone News2017 Updates2016 Updates2015 Updates2014 Updates2013 Updates2012 Updates2011 Updates2010 Updates2009 Updates2008 Updates2007 UpdatesTime Zone Map With DSTTime Zone MapTime Zones Worldwide Time Zone ToolsTime Zone ConverterInternational Meeting PlannerEvent Time AnnouncerTime Zone AbbreviationsTime Zone NewsDaylight Saving TimeTime Changes WorldwideTime DifferenceWorld Clock – Android Advanced functionality.

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